V O X   A C A D E M Y   N E W S

Fall Term Classes!


Vox Academy is starting its Fall term soon and you're invited to come sing with us!

We're offering two different unique choral experiences, both of which emphasize healthy vocal technique and honor each individual's experience while developing a group sound.

Healing Voices Choir sings in beautiful four part harmony and meets on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm at the The Community Church for Joy, 8051 SE 16th Ave. Rehearsals start September 12th and there will be an end of term concert on December 16th, as well as one or more optional outreach concerts at senior care facilities, and a fun caroling event. The Healing Voices Choir is a non-audition choir and all are welcome, though experience reading music or with other choirs will be helpful. If in doubt, we welcome people attending the first rehearsal to try it out.

The Empowered Voices choir will also be continuing. This choir is more informal and perfect for beginning choral singers. This choir will meet Thursday evenings starting October 4th, from 7:30 to 9pm at The Community Church for Joy, 8051 SE 16th Ave  - come experience the joy of singing with others in community! 

If you're not sure which choir is right for you, feel free to contact director Becca Stuhlbarg at writebecca@gmail.com


As a novice with no singing experience but a desire to sing, I feel so lucky to have found Vox Academy. I’ve got dozens of hurdles to jump, but Vox has graciously brought me to the starting line, with wonderful support, encouragement, and knowledge.
— Jane Friedland, Level 1 Workshop graduate (and later, Level 2)
I am continually surprised as my voice grows in strength and beauty. I dearly love the supportive community of compassionate professionals at Vox Academy
— Kirstin Schumaker, BCSI, LMT

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