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Spring / Summer  Term Classes!

This summer, the Healing Voices Choir is transitioning to the Empowered Voices Choir, a non-audition choir that incorporates vocal technique and musicianship into each rehearsal. We focus on honoring and empowering each individual voice while building group unity. We are accepting new members for our new choir now! We rehearse Wednesday nights, and will be having some informal performances later in the summer. You will learn a lot and experience the joy of singing in a group! This is a safe space to explore your own voice and the art of choral singing.

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In this class, you’ll be given clear, specific, and fun tools to understand and expand your vocal abilities as a singer and speaker. Building on the playful and sensory explorations of Open Voice, you’ll be immersed in targeted public speaking and singing experiences that strengthen your resonance, projection, and range. In this safe and supportive environment, you’ll begin to experience the full spectrum of your vocal potential. Ready to find out out what your voice can do?We are accepting new members for our next term, starting **June 14th!**

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As a novice with no singing experience but a desire to sing, I feel so lucky to have found Vox Academy. I’ve got dozens of hurdles to jump, but Vox has graciously brought me to the starting line, with wonderful support, encouragement, and knowledge.
— Jane Friedland, Level 1 Workshop graduate (and later, Level 2)
I am continually surprised as my voice grows in strength and beauty. I dearly love the supportive community of compassionate professionals at Vox Academy
— Kirstin Schumaker, BCSI, LMT

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