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UPDATED PRICING: Payments for the Healing Voices Choir's three-month term can now be made via our sliding scale - $60-$100/month.
Payments made with this sliding scale should be submitted upon registration via the PayPal button, or by check. 

The Healing Voices Choir is back and better than ever for their sixth season! We heal ourselves and one-another by singing in a group and creating community, while sharing our songs with the community at large. We find joy in creating a unified sound while also honoring each individual's vocal journey. Join us this spring to explore an eclectic collection of music by women composers. The choir will also have the opportunity to share inspiring music with senior care communities. We look forward to raising our voices with you! 

As a novice with no singing experience but a desire to sing, I feel so lucky to have found Vox Academy. I’ve got dozens of hurdles to jump, but Vox has graciously brought me to the starting line, with wonderful support, encouragement, and knowledge.
— Jane Friedland, Level 1 Workshop graduate (and later, Level 2)
I am continually surprised as my voice grows in strength and beauty. I dearly love the supportive community of compassionate professionals at Vox Academy
— Kirstin Schumaker, BCSI, LMT

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