Healing Voices Choir

Healing Voices Choir is back and better than ever for their fifth season! We heal ourselves and one-another by singing in a group and creating community, while sharing our songs with the community at large. We find joy in creating a unified sound while also honoring each individual's vocal journey. New voices and returning members are invited to join this lively, joyous, and inclusive choir. A public performance is given at the conclusion of each 15 week term. Other optional outreach performances take place at locations such as Hospice Centers, Hospitals and convalescent homes. We will be accepting new members soon (typically fall, winter, spring) - we have a lot of fun and would love have you!

 Join us this Fall in exploring an eclectic collection of music, unified in the text "Alleluia." Each of our songs will include that word in some form or another; from sacred motets to modern rock song arrangements. The choir will also have the opportunity to share inspiring music with senior care communities, as well as an exciting collaborative possibility with a local theater company. We look forward to raising our voices with you! 

HEALING VOICES CHOIR: Group Singing and Performances

New members being accepted!
Prerequisite: None. However, beginning choir singers are encouraged to sign-up for the Group Singing class when it is offered.
15 weeks, $300 upfront or $100/month (plus fees if using PayPal)

Wednesdays 7pm-9pm with Becca Stuhlbarg