Vox Academy:
Discover Your Voice

Our vision is for every person to sing and speak with freedom and confidence.

Our mission is to give everyone access to healthy vocal development in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our organization’s diversity of backgrounds unite in the strength of our core values:

Every voice matters
All styles of speech and singing are honored
Growing in awareness of one’s voice leads to greater self-awareness

As a novice with no singing experience but a desire to sing, I feel so lucky to have found Vox Academy. I’ve got dozens of hurdles to jump, but Vox has graciously brought me to the starting line, with wonderful support, encouragement, and knowledge.
— Jane Friedland, Level 1 Workshop graduate (and later, Level 2)
I am continually surprised as my voice grows in strength and beauty. I dearly love the supportive community of compassionate professionals at Vox Academy
— Kirstin Schumaker, BCSI, LMT

V O X   A C A D E M Y   N E W S

Healing Voices Choir starts THIS WEEK!
Follow the link to register for choir this term. Come sing with us! 

Employment Opportunity:

Vox Academy is in need of a bookkeeper starting in mid-April. We are saying goodbye with great sadness to our beloved Nicole who is moving on to other opportunities. She has demonstrated the highest standards of skill, organization, professionalism, ethics, and hard work. She's a true gem. If you or someone you know would like to work with Vox Academy part-time (8 to 10 hours per week) as a bookkeeper, please contact our board of directors at board@voxacademy.org  to apply.

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