Come sing with us! Below is the registration form to sign up to sing at this lovely event!

Vox Academy has  called this fundraiser a Sing-a-thon in the past because that's what we do, sing. But the event can be any kind of presentation/performance,πŸ’ƒ kind of like a talent show. We only ask that there is very little set up in-between. There will be a microphone and simple system, but we encourage you to just present acoustically if you can. (Vox can help you with that!) We want the energy to keep moving. with very little time between performances. ✴

πŸ—£You can do something solo, or together with anyone. Vox will hire an expert pianist and you can bring music for them to sight read and accompany. You can play an instrument by yourself, accompany yourself, recite poetry, dramatic reading, monologue, tell a joke!   Please just keep any one thing to under 5 minutes. Performers can do more than one piece.

πŸš€πŸšŒThen you invite your friends, neighbors, family. 🚴🏊🚠They can come and go from the event as they please. We'll ask a donation at the door and we'll have a very big tip jar.πŸ›’ When anyone is inspired, they can run up to the tip jar and "tip" the performance. It makes it really fun. Ask your supporters to bring cash money!πŸ’΅

Even if your group cannot present something, please invite your supporters/audience.


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